Missing Teeth

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Why do I need to replace missing tooth?

A missing tooth must be replaced to prevent the teeth on either side from tipping over toward the missing tooth space, which can cause decay, gum disease, and bite problems. A replacement tooth, also, prevents the tooth above or below the missing tooth from moving into the space of the missing tooth, weakening the opposing tooth and causing the same problems listed above for the adjacent teeth.

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When a tooth is present, the bone around the root stays in place. But, as soon as a tooth is missing, the bone in the area where it was begins to deteriorate and resorb away. If much time elapses there may be so little bone left in the area that replacement may become difficult or impossible later.


Dental Bridge > Old Fashioned Bridge

When a missing tooth is replaced by a bridge, the bone loss where the lost tooth was continues. However, when a missing tooth is replaced by an implant, the bone loss is completely stopped.  This is because the forces of chewing are transmitted down the implant into the bone. This stimulates the bone and keeps it healthy. Furthermore, a dental implant does not damage teeth like bridges. In every way, dental implants are superior to bridges.

Benefits of Implants vs. Bridges:

  • Stronger
  • Longer lasting
  • No tooth decay
  • Never need a root canal
  • Eliminates further bone loss
  • Easier to clean and floss
  • More cosmetic

Why Waiting To Replace A Tooth Is A Bad Idea!

Waiting to replace a missing tooth can limit your options and make the situation worse. If too much time has passed there may not be enough bone left to place a dental implant. Then you are forced to have an old fashioned option like a bridge or partial denture.

Dental Implant or Dental Brdige

Dental implant or Bridge



Michael Nugent DDS is a general dentist that has been fascinated with dental implants ever since dental school.

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Through many years of advanced training he has become a regional leader in dental implant therapy.

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Dr. Nugent is one of a few dentist that can both surgically place and then restore your dental implant from start to finish.

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Dr. Nugent has invested in a Cone Beam 3-D X-ray unit for his dental practice and is part of the small percentage of dentist that have this technology.

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