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Are you missing one tooth? Several teeth? Or are you struggling with old fashioned dentures. Dental Implants have been used for decades in dentistry but are now getting into mainstream public acceptance. Yes dental implants are a significant investment, but are they worth the cost? Let’s examine the cost of dental implants further.

The cost for Dr. Nugent to perform the procedure can be the exact same as someone else to perform the procedure. The thing to look for is the quality and the planning that does into the case. For example, rebuilding your mouth is like building a house.  Dr. Nugent needs architectural blueprints and plans so he knows what the end product is going to look like. Dr. Nugent’s patients get the quality of care they are looking for and our results speak for themselves. Dr. Nugent has great end products and results.

1. There is nothing Dr. Nugent can do in dentistry that will last as long a a dental implant. Dental implants are the most advanced and longest lasting tooth replacement option. Implants look, feel and function like natural teeth. Dental implant are the gold standard when replacing missing teeth.

2. Dental implants will prevent future dentistry costs. We know, nobody likes going to the dentist. But nobody likes paying for something twice. Patients hate paying more the second time around. With dental implants there are great odds that the implant will out live you. Therefore, patients pay for their dental implant one time. A dental implant provides great long term value. A dental implant can never get decay and will never need a root canal.

Dental bridges are outdated. They hurt patients in that natural teeth have to be irreversible cut down in order to support the bridge. The bridge does nothing to preserve gum tissue or bone levels. Thus, the bridges become non cosmetic as a large black space forms under the bridge. Bridges fuses teeth together making cleaning and flossing difficult. As a result, over half of all bridges fail at the ten to fifteen year mark due to decay or failed root canals. Bridges damage teeth and when the bridge fails it creates a terrible financial and dental burden on the patient. On the other hand, dental implants do not damage adjacent teeth. Dental implants will never get decay and will never need a root canal.

Bridge v. Implant

Partial dentures are bulky plastic prosthesis that function to replace missing teeth.  The partial puts extra torquing forces on the teeth it connects to. This is problematic because the support teeth can become lose and unstable. Furthermore, the partial denture uses metal claps to grab onto teeth. These clasps make it harder to clean your teeth. The partial must be taken out to properly clean your teeth. Also, the clasps make it easier for bacteria to hide. Wearing a partial puts you at risk for cavities. If there is any significant change in your mouth a new partial will have to be made. Partials do nothing to support and maintain bone and gum tissue levels. Thus, a partial will start fitting poorly because the underlying bone and gum tissue has disappear. A new partial will have to be made. Partial dentures will must be taken out at night. People do not like sleeping next to their teeth.

Dental Implants Deer Park Texas3. Missing teeth will cause numerous problems.

a) Shifting teeth. Teeth work together to transmit the tremendous forces generated while eating. When a tooth is lost the teeth will migrate into the missing space looking for the missing tooth.

b) When teeth start to migrate and alter their position, reduced chewing forces are generated. Furthermore, the teeth become crooked and non-comsmetic. Also, the teeth become more difficult to clean because of the misalignment.

TMD TMJ Jaw Joint Painc) With the teeth out of alignment patients can develop painful Jaw Joint Pain (TMJ / TMD).

d) The purpose of the jaw bone is to support the teeth. When teeth go missing the bone rapidly disappears. This bone once lost is extremely difficult to graft. Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that stimulate and preserve bone levels.

4. Implants can keep you from wearing partial and full dentures. Patients DO NOT like to take their teeth out. The plastic alters the taste of food and can rub the gum tissue. The plastic is bulky and people do not like feeling the plastic in their mouths. The beauty of dental implants is that they do not come out. They are anchored in the jawbone just like natural teeth. The implants looks, function and feel just like natural teeth. One cleans their dental implant just like natural teeth. The most common statement from Dr. Nugent’s implant patients is “I can’t even tell I have a dental implant.” Dental implants are designed to mimic natural teeth from the root to the crown.

5. Initial financial investment is higher with dental implants. However, the long term successes of implants means you will only be paying for the tooth replacement one time. While bridges and partial dentures are less expensive initially, when these outdated dental options fail there is a larger dental and financial problem. Do the best treatment one time. Dr. Nugent has done dental implants on his Mother, Father, Mother-in-law, Father-in-law, employees, and friends. You deserve the best and most advanced dental treatment.

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