Questions about ALL on Four Dental Implants

Pasadena, Texas All on 4 Dental Implants:

14. How long has the All on Four been available?

In the mid-1990s a Portuguese Doctor, Dr. Paulo Malo, created a dental implant technique that allowed for the reconstruction of an entire jaw with only four dental implants. Before then dental implants were placed vertical to mimic natural tooth root orientations. With the All on Four method the back implants are angled. The angulation allows the implants to contact better quality bone, bypass critical anatomical danger zones and avoid bone grafts.

15. What is the pain like with the All on Four?

Dr. Nugent knows the All on Four procedure can sound very scary. Taking out teeth and placing dental implants all at once. However, experience shows us that most all of our patients do amazing! You will be IV sedated during the procedure and your mouth will have local anesthesia so you can not feel any pain. Post-Operative pain is minimal. Our patients usually skip their prescription pain medication and just use over the counter Advil.

The lack of pain after surgery has a lot to do with the advanced technology we have supporting our amazing dental team. We utilize Digital X-Rays and 3-D CAT scans to input data into innovative computer planning software. This software allows us to “digitally” place your implants on your 3-D scan. We know exactly where the best positioning of the implants is BEFORE your surgery. Custom surgical guides are made to further increase the accuracy of your dental implant placement. All of this technology allows us to make fewer incisions and sutures. Dr. Nugent and team makes sure your All on Four dental implant procedure is done as minimally invasive as possible.

16. I am concerned about cost. Old Fashioned removable dentures are cheaper than the All on Four procedure. Why not just get removable denture?

Removable dentures are a less expensive treatment option initially. However, they have many problems and are a poor long term solution to missing teeth.

Removable Denture Problems:

  • Must be removed after meals and at night time to clean
  • Accelerates jawbone loss
  • As jawbone disappears creating poor fit of prosthesis, new prosthesis must be made
  • You will sleep with your teeth in a glass of water
  • Can be lost or thrown away by accident
  • Provides limited chewing force/ability
  • Rubs the gum tissue causing sore spots and ulcer
  • Can need messy denture adhesives
  • Bulky plastic feels awkward and can inhibit/alter the taste of foods

Old Fashioned removable dentures start with a lower cost when compared to the All on 4 dental treatment. In the long run, removable dentures have many negative aspects and repeated expenses. Save financially up front with dentures as you sacrifice convenience, comfort, and quality of life over many years. Ironically, patients who get removable dentures often end up having to have the All on 4 dental implant treatment because removable dentures accelerates bone loss in the jaw.

The Advantages of the All on 4 Dental Treatment:

  • Permanent and non-removable teeth
  • Stimulates and preserves the jawbone
  • Cosmetic
  • Cleaned just like natural teeth
  • Chewing forces similar to natural teeth. EAT WHAT YOU WANT!!!
  • You sleep with your teeth in your mouth
  • Do not take teeth out after meals to clean
  • No repeated denture product cost (messy denture adhesives, anesthetic gels)

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