Missing All Teeth

Missing All Teeth – Replacement Options



Natural teeth are held securely in the jawbone by their roots. Disease, decay, trauma and failed root canals can lead to the loss of all of ones teeth. The teeth roots had previously stimulated the surrounding bone maintaining the jaw’s natural shape. However, with no roots the jaw bone will start to shrink and resorb because it no longer serves the purpose that nature intended. Many years of bone loss will cause ¬†you face to change. Your mouth and jaw appear to collapse. The lip looks thinner and there are increased wrinkles around the mouth.

If you have lost all of your teeth there are numerous treatment options available:

1) Removable Denture

The denture sits loosely over you gums with no secure connection to the jaw bone. The denture is loose and unstable. Chewing forces are pathetic and the denture is prone to falling out of your mouth. The constant rubbing of the dentures actually accelerates the jaw bone atrophy. The gum tissue develops sore spots and ulcers. Because the jaw bone is shrinking the denture will need to be relined or a new denture made. As more jaw bone is lost it become increasingly difficult to stabilize the denture. The bone can become so weak and thin that the jaw’s main nerve is compressed. This cause constant pain and extreme pain. The only way to prevent bone loss is with the use of dental implants.

2) Dental Implant Treatment

Implants can be placed to stop the bone loss and anchor dentures or new teeth.

A) Locator Denture: Implants are placed into the jaw bone. Special locators are screwed into the implants. These become the “male” connector and the inside of the denture has “female” connections. The dentures snap into place. The dental implant locator denture is stable and secure.

B) Fixed Hybrid Denture: Multiple implants are placed. The denture is directly screwed into the implants. The denture is very stable and can only be removed by Dr. Nugent.

C) Implant Bridge: Implant are placed into the jaw bone. The implants are restored with crowns and bridges. This option most mimics the looks and feel of natural teeth. The teeth are permanent and don’t come out at night. The options virtually eliminates bone loss.