Implant Dentures

Dental Implant Dentures are secure. The dentures literally “snap” onto the dental implants. Experience confidence with your new implant dentures. You do not need to be in misery with your old fashioned dentures. Let Dr. Nugent show you how advanced dental implants can change your life.

About Dental Implant Dentures:

I doubt that people associate teeth with birth but Dr. Michael Nugent does. It is not so much the rebirth of teeth that he thinks of, rather the rebirth of a lost lifestyle and rediscovery of personality. It is all about confidence. Dental implants have greatly improved the lives of Dr. Nugent’s patients.

Changing lives is the primary focus of Dr. Michael Nugent’s dental office. Remarkably advanced digital technology coupled with his passion and implant expertise allow Dr. Nugent to achieve his goal.

“When I see a dejected patient who has lost over 80% of their biting force (which completely changes their diet) leave my office with dentures that are secured by dental implants, that is a changed life. This patient can now go back to living again, not just getting by.”Michael Nugent DDS

As Dr. Nugent explains, a new smile is one of many advantages that dental implant patients enjoy. They also benefit from better oral hygiene, an improved bite, preserved facial contours, supreme function, no chance of future decay, prevention of jaw bone loss, superior biting forces and the best success rate of any restoration available in modern dentistry today. Implant denture wearers never need to worry about dentures coming loose or falling out. They speak, eat and chew with complete confidence – and without having to rely on messy, gooey denture adhesives.

“Dental Implant Dentures give my patients their life back. If that is not an empowering rebirth of new opportunity, I don’t know what is. Ask my implant denture patients to share their experiences. The difference is always night and day.”Michael Nugent DDS