ALL on Four Dental Implants Questions

Pasadena Texas All On Four Dental Implants:


5.  What does the All-on-4 protocol involve?

Initial Consultation: You will be welcomed to our office. Dr. Nugent will perform a complete exam. Then we will take pictures and X-rays. Your dental problems will be evaluated and discussed. If the All-on-4 treatment is recommended impressions of your mouth will be taken. You will have input into the size and color of your new teeth.

Surgical Procedure: Your day starts early at the Oral Surgeons office. The IV sedation will be started and you will be in a dreamlike state. Then local anesthesia will be given. If you have any remaining teeth they will be taken out. Next, the four dental implants are placed.

New Teeth: Dr. Nugent modifies your new cosmetic teeth to screw into the dental implants. Special impressions are used to gather data about the implant positioning. Then the onsite laboratory technician takes your teeth and puts the finishing touches on your new teeth. Dr. Nugent then screws your new teeth into the implants. You are handed a mirror and you get to see the “new you”. You will be released and are free to go home and enjoy a nice dinner.

6. How is the All on Four and conventional dental implant techniques different?

With the All on Four technique, Dr. Nugent can give patients a new set of teeth in a single day. Whereas, conventional implant treatment can take three to six months to complete.

A. Fewer Dental Implants Used

As the name implies, the All on Four uses only four dental implants. Traditional methods use six to ten implants. Therefore, the cost of the All on Four is less than traditional methods.

B. All on Four Technique Avoids Bone Grafting Surgery

With computer guided surgery the four dental implants can be placed in precise positions that have favorable bone density. The back dental implants are placed at an angle to engage more bone (for more secure anchorage) and to avoid anatomical structures.

Avoiding bone grafts is a key feature of the All on Four treatment. Bone grafts take six months to a year to heal properly. Also, bone grafts are painful and another surgical procedure.

C. Immediate Function of Your New Teeth

The cross stabilization of your new teeth allow you to eat immediately after your surgery. You can eat a soft diet while the bone is fusing with the titanium implants. Once the bone has secured the implants in the jawbone, a new set of teeth is made. The new teeth have a milled titanium bar connecting all the implants. This bar gives the teeth incredible strength. You are now allowed to eat anything you want. All on Four Dental Implants Deer Park Texas

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