Teeth in an Hour? Teeth in a day?

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Tooth Implants Pasadena TexasTeeth in an hour, teeth in a day: 

You have probably seen on TV or read about “teeth in an hour” or “teeth in a day”. There has been a rapid increase in corporate dental implant centers where they crank out patients. They spend tons of money on advertising and make grand claims of “teeth in and hour” or “teeth in a day.” While it is possible to perform these procedures rapidly, proper patient selection is vital. These corporate implant centers make grand claims but often either 1) “bait and switch”– they get you in the door with their claims, then offer a different treatment 2) push the physiological and scientific limits of implant care.

Under certain conditions “teeth in an hour” procedures are excellent dental care. The patient must have favorable dental conditions to warrant this same day procedure. Furthermore, the patient must be compliant with not chewing on the tooth. What is often misleading and never mentioned in the corporate advertisement is that you still must come back for the final crown. The “teeth in an hour” procedure merely places a temporary abutment and temporary plastic tooth on the dental implant. Once the bone has fused with the implant the patient will receive their new permanent abutment and porcelain crown.

Dr. Nugent’s Father broke a front tooth in Lubbock, Texas. Dr. Nugent made his Dad drive to Pasadena for an examination. The tooth could not be saved and a “tooth in an hour” procedure on his Father was done. Dr. Nugent’s father met the requirements for the immediate implant restoration.

The Bottom Line—if you meet the criteria for a “tooth in an hour” procedure Dr. Nugent will tell you. When doctors try to push the biological envelope on implant care they increase the risk of failure.


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