Questions about ALL on Four Dental Implants

All on 4 Dental Implants:

12.  How long is the recovery time after the All on Four?

Not long at all! Patients do not experience a lengthy recovery. Most patients return to work the next day after their surgery. In fact, the majority of Dr. Nugent’s patients do not take any pain medication. If you have any doubt to how you will do after your surgery than you should plan on taking one day off from work just to be safe. Although, most of our patients don’t need this extra day of rest.

13. What is involved with the All on Four procedure?

The All on Four is broken up into three phases.

A) Surgical Phase:  This is the process of removing any remaining teeth and the placement of the dental implants

B) Temporary Dental Bridge: Immediately after the dental implant placement work begins to create your temporary dental bridge. Once the bridge is in place Dr. Nugent checks the fit and your bite. You are released from the office and can enjoy a light meal. You are on a soft diet until the bone fully heals and fuses with the dental implants.

3) Final Dental Bridge: Once the bone has healed around the implants, Dr. Nugent will create a new dental bridge that is reinforced with a titanium bar. Now the patient is released from the soft diet and can eat anything they want.

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