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Dental Implants are the best cosmetic solution when replacing teeth because they replicate natural teeth!

This patient never grew an adult tooth. Therefore, she wore a plastic removable denture to hide her embarrassment. This plastic denture had to be removed after meals, at night and masked the taste of food. She researched her options and knew a dental implant was the way to go. A dental implant would provide here a permanent cosmetic solution.

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Patient loved her new tooth!! She could finally get rid of the plastic denture she had work for years! The new dental implant looks great and feels and functions just like a natural tooth.


Who knows, with a new dental implant tooth you might even become a model!!

Cosmetic Dentistry

This patient never grew an adult tooth and his teeth shifted causing irregular proportions and large gaps in his smile. A dental implant and veneers was decided on to give him the cosmetic smile he deserves.

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At the end the patient was so overwhelmed with joy that he gave Dr. Nugent a huge Bear Hug. The patient had always been embarrassed by his smile. He now has a great smile to go with his great personality.

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