Missing Several Teeth

Missing Several Teeth:

Partial Denture

Sits on the gum tissue and has a framework that provides minor stability. The partial denture lacks a secure connection. Therefore, it will move and allow food to get underneath the plastic. The partial denture rubbing on the gum tissue will accelerate the bone and gum tissue loss where the natural teeth used to be. This loss of support allows the partial to move and shift more because the shape of the jaw bone has changed. (Dental implants are the only treatment option that stimulate and preserve bone levels) The movement of the partial denture causes pain and discomfort.

Fixed Implant Bridge:

Dr. Nugent can place two dental implants that serve as anchors for an implant bridge. The implants provide stability. Furthermore, they stimulate and preserve the bone level in the jaw bone.  Next, the bridge is made and connected to the implants. This results in a strong non-removable solution.

Multiple Dental Implants:

Placing a dental implant for each missing tooth is ideal. Each implant replaces a missing tooth root. Individual Crowns are made for each implant. This replacement option most resembles natural teeth. The patient can chew and eat just like they had natural teeth. The patient brushes and flosses like normal.