Bridge or a Dental Implant?

Missing Tooth replaced with a Dental Implant

Dental Implant Dentistry:


Why would a Dentist Recommend a Bridge?

1.  An old fashioned bridge creates instant income. A bridge can be completed in a couple of weeks. Thus, the dentist gets paid quickly. This instant income is favorable for the dentist but may not be in the patient’s best dental interest.

2.  A Dentist generates more income when doing a bridge. Most Dentists don’t do the surgical portion of the dental implant. Thus if the dentist has to refer out the placement of the implant (because the dentist can’t place the implant), that is revenue lost.  The cost for a three unit bridge is around 3,500 dollars and is paid entirely to the dentist. A fully completed dental implant is around 4,200. The price difference is negligible. However,  half of the implant fee is paid at the oral surgeon and the other half is paid at the general dental office.  Thus, Dr. Nugent feels that dentists recommending a bridge instead of an implant may do so out of greed.  Dr. Nugent is trained in the surgical aspect of implant placement and performs his own implant surgeries. However, some cases Dr. Nugent refers to his oral surgeon. When Dr. Nugent recommends a dental implant to be placed at the oral surgeon’s office, Dr. Nugent’s office is making less money. Dr. Nugent’s main concern is your optimal dental health.

Front Dental Implant
Dr. Nugent’s Mom with a broken front tooth.
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Mom all fixed with a Dental Implant.

3.  Sometimes a dentist will suggest a bridge to replace a missing tooth because they lack the knowledge, experience and skill to work with dental implants. These dentists may feel more comfortable suggesting a bridge because that is what they know how to do. These dentists have not taking continuing education classes to become proficient in dental implants.

4.  Dentists suggesting a dental bridge over a dental implant may not be current with the latest dental advancements. Dental implants have been in dentistry for over 30 years. However, most older dentist never received any dental implant training in dental school. Let’s face it, it is easier to do what you know and feel comfortable with then to take time and effort to master new skills.

5.  Dentists may suggest a bridge because dental insurance will pay for it. Dental insurances do not care about you or your dental needs. Insurances only care about paying out as little money as possible. With bridges being slightly lower in cost dental insurances will usually pay for bridges instead of a dental implants. When Dr. Nugent recommends treatment, his only thought processes is “what is the best, longest lasting and most conservative treatment options for this patient.” In contrast, some dentists will suggest a bridge because they know dental insurance will pay for some of the treatment.


Dental Bridge Deer Park Texas

Dental implant or Bridge


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