All on Four v. All on Six

Permanent Teeth with the All on Four or All on Six:

There is no difference in the treatment process between the All-on-4 and the All-on-6. Both provide immediate same day non-removable teeth in one day. The only difference is the number of dental implants used to achieve the final result. Both are used no matter the condition of your teeth and if you do not have any teeth.

The concept is the same—Using implants to immediately stabilize new teeth that do not come out.

Sometimes due to variations in patient’s oral conditions 6 implants are used instead of 4 implants.


The treatment procedure and steps for full arch dental implant rehabilitation using the and All-on-Six concept is as follows:

  • Evaluation by Dr. Nugent and x-rays to determine implant site positioning and bone condition
  • Impressions to start the fabrication process of your new teeth
  • Teeth extractions (if needed) and placement of the dental implants
  • Placement of the hybrid bridge or over dentures
  • After the implants have fused to the bone, return to Dr. Nugent for fabrication of your final teeth

All on Six 6 Dental Implants Texas

In review, the All-on-Six dental implant treatment is just a variation of the All-on-4 technique. The only difference is that six dental implants are used instead of four.