Questions about ALL on Four Dental Implants

Pasadena Texas All on Four Dental Implants:

7. I was told that I am not a candidate for dental implants. Can the All on 4 dental implant protocol still work for me? 

The answer is almost an emphatic YES!!! A huge limiting factor of traditional dental implants was bone volume. Because of the angled dental implants on the All on 4, bone volume is almost never an issue. The angled dental implants 1) engage better quality of bone 2) allow the dental implant to be longer thus creating more surface area contact with bone 3) avoids vital anatomical areas.

Patients with a vast array of oral problems can be helped with the All on 4 procedure. Start your path to increased confidence, self-esteem and oral health. Age is never a consideration with the All on Four procedure. Increased quality of life is the driving goal for Dr. Nugent and the All on Four procedure.

8. Will the teeth look natural?

Absolutely! The dental bridge that is placed on the dental implants is carefully fabricated to be almost indistinguishable from natural healthy teeth. The precise impressions that have been taken allow your new teeth to fit the contours of your jaw for amazing cosmetic results.

9. Why is the technique called All-on-4?

The technique involves placing a customized prosthetic dental bridge onto four dental implants in the mouth. The name, “All-on-4”, refers to the fact that patients that a) have lost all their teeth or b) Missing most or have all of their teeth failing can be completely rehabilitated with only four dental implants per jaw. Older traditional methods frequently called for six to ten implants in each jaw.


Pasadena Texas All on Four Dental Implants



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