Conus Dentures

Dental Implant Dentures Pasadena, Deer Park Texas:

The tapered crown principle makes the Conus Denture an intermediate implant solution that is in between a locator denture and a completely fixed solution like the All on Four. Locator dentures use dental implants to help stabilize the denture and prevent the denture from coming out. However, most of the pink acrylic touches the jaw and compresses the jaw during eating. The All on Four creates a non-removable appliance that is totally supported by implants and does not compress the gum tissue.

The beauty of the Conus denture is that 100% of the denture prosthesis is supported by the dental implants. It is similar to a pier and beam construction. The patient gets a super strong prosthesis that is supported by dental implants. Plus, the patient can remove the prosthesis to clean the denture and the implants.

Conus Denture

Conus Hybrid Dentures provide patient specific overdenture solutions. This denture system uses specially designed Cad/Cam abutements in order to provide telescopic crowns. This tapered connection guarantees that the final restoration is securely seated minimizing gaps and micro movement. Compared with bar restorations or other prefabricated connecting components, Conus tapered crowns offer a stable and friction-locked connection that helps to eliminate problems often associated with edentulous jaws, such as:

  • Pain of pressure of ill-fitting dentures
  • Atrophy as a result of inactivity or pressure
  • Continued bone loss requiring relining of existing denture
  • Design-related difficulties due to patient anatomy

A parallel-walled, telescopic design creates an incredible friction lock throughout the complete denture insertion. Think of two identical cups, one inside the other. Then trying to take the inside cup out. If the cups are identical and all the surface area of the cups are touching it is difficult to get out.

Patients find it easier to insert a denture with a tapered connection design, because the bottom diameter of the tapered caps connected to the denture is always larger than the top diameter of the abutments.

Benefits of Conus for Patients

The tapered crown principle effectively makes the prosthesis into a removable bridge with:

  • Very high stability
  • An option that is in-between locator dentures and the All on Four
  • High chewing comfort
  • Amazing biting forces
  • Improved phonetics
  • Optimum hygiene
  • Lower cost as compared to the All on Four
  • Less expensive long term dental hygiene visits as compared to the All on Four


Conus Appointment Protocol

1st Appointment:

  • Take an impression of the implants using proper impression copings.
  • Take a bite and impression of opposing.
  • Send to lab to get Conus Abutments fabricated

2nd Appointment:

  • Take record base / occlusal verification

3rd Appointment:

  • Tooth Try-in

4th Appointment:

  • Try in Abutments, frame & setup

5th Appointment:

  • Torque Conus Abutments
  • Check Occlusion
  • Seat Denture