Consequences of Missing One Tooth

What happens when you lose one tooth?

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The teeth are held securely in the jaw bone. Teeth can be lost due to decay, failed root canals, periodontal disease or trauma. I the entire lost tooth is not completely replaced the jaw bone will start to decrease and melt away. Adjacent teeth will drift into the missing tooth space. This causes a cascade of movement that severely affects the patients bite. Patients are at risk for Periodontal Disease due to the difficulty of brushing the misaligned teeth. Furthermore, the teeth are harder to clean adequately and have increased risk for decay.

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Missing Tooth Problems:

Dental Implant Pasadena, Deer Park TexasProblem: Missing or Failing Tooth

  • Due to decay, infection, failed root filling, trauma or root fracture
  • Crown keeps falling out or not enough tooth left to attach a new crown
  • Adult tooth failed to develop

Solution: Implant with single tooth

  • Ideal long term solution that looks, functions and feels just like natural teeth
  • Option for immediate implant and immediate tooth
  • Will never get decay
  • Will never need a root canal
  • Protects adjacent teeth
  • Only tooth replacment option that stimulates are preserves bone levels
  • Very high success rate and longest lasting tooth replacement option

Alternatives: Leave a gap or wear a denture

  • Unsightly and embarrassing
  • Can impair eating and speech
  • Bone and gum in the gap will deteriorate
  • The position of adjacent and opposing teeth will collapse into the missing space over time

Bridge from other healthy teeth

  • Healthy teeth need to be aggressively drilled down to attach the bridge, shortening their lifespan making future solutions more complex and costly
  • Bone supporting the gum beneath a bridge will deteriorate
  • Increased stress on supporting teeth during chewing

Dental Implants are better than bridges



Dental Implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. Dr. Nugent is a leader in dental implant technology. Our office is one of a select few offices that can both surgically place and then restore your dental implant. Experience matters. Get the best in dental implant care for you and your family.

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