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Dental Implant Bridge Pasadena Texas

Dental Implant Bridge:

A dental implant bridge is used to replace multiple missing teeth with the least amount of dental implants. The implant bridge does not require the cutting down of natural teeth because the implants will serve as the anchors for the bridge. The implants will never get decay nor need a root canal. The implant bridge allows patients to have a fixed (does not come out) solution.

Dental Implant Bridge Pasadena, Texas

This patient had an old fashioned bridge. The support teeth got decay and patient lost his old fashioned bridge. He wanted a permanent fixed (does not come out) solution and picked dental implants. The implant bridge allowed Dr. Nugent to replace all the missing teeth and use the fewest dental implants possible. The new dental implant bridge will never get decay.

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Pasadena Texas Implant Bridge

Implant Bridge in the Anterior:

This patient lost her four front bottom teeth due to periodontal disease. She wanted the best treatment possible. She elected to have an implant bridge. Here bridge would be anchored by two dental implants and would replace four teeth.

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Missing Teeth
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Dental Implant Bridge


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She was very happy with the end result. If she had to, she would choose this option again. She loves the way the implant bridge feels and recommends patients get an implant bridge.



Patient came back a couple of weeks latter for her regular teeth cleaning. Listen to her say “I’ve never had anything this sturdy in my whole life”.



Implant-supported bridges are far superior to old fashioned bridges for a number of reasons:

Dental Implant Bridge Pasadena Texas


Missing Teeth
Missing Teeth
Dental Implant Bridge
Dental Implant Bridge
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Patient was missing multiple teeth on the top right. He wanted the best treatment possible but finances were an issue. Several different treatment options were discussed and performing a dental implant bridge was picked.

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Dental Implants are amazing as they give Dr. Nugent the ability to offer multiple options when replacing missing teeth.
Dental Implant Bridge
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