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Zirconia dental implants are now being offered as an alternative to Titanium dental implants for patients who want ‘metal-free’ implants. These dental implants are relatively new and lack long-term scientific studies. Therefore, their safety, efficacy, and long term prognosis remains largely unknown. There seems to be marginal success with Zirconia dental implants. However, complications such as sensitivity, allergy, and fractures have been reported.

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A recent case reported had a healthy patient received a zirconia dental implant. The zirconia dental implant healed well and became locked into the bone. Once fully healed the zirconia dental implant was restored. Several months later the patient began to develop headaches, rashes, imbalance, and facial pain. Eventually, the patient was recommended to get a blood test which showed sensitivity to Zirconium Oxide. Her medical doctor recommended the removal of her dental implant as the symptoms appeared to correlate to her Zirconium Oxide sensitivity.

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It is important to note that titanium has a long history of medical and dental use with no documented allergy. I repeat, titanium has no medical or dental documented allergies. Titanium is widely used in dental, orthopedic, and neurosurgical fields. Medical grade titanium successes have a long clinical history of being used safely and successful in patients. Although, Zirconia dental implants are an alternative to Titanium, patients must be aware of potential problems and make an informed decision with their treating doctor. Titanium dental implants are currently the most researched, predictable, and material of choice in dentistry.

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