Why Choose a Dental Implant over a Dental Bridge

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What are the advantages of a dental implant over a bridge?

A dental implant provides many great benefits when compared to an old fashioned dental bridge. Dental implants are the most technologically advanced way to replace missing teeth. A dental implant replaces a single tooth without damaging neighboring teeth. A dental implant is a total tooth replacement system. It is designed from the root on up to the crown. For old fashioned bridges the adjacent teeth have to be aggressively ground down to support the cemented bridge. The aggressive cutting on teeth increases the risk for root canals. Furthermore, because of the large bulk a dental bridge is difficult to keep clean and special flossing has to be performed. The biggest reasons why dental bridges fail are decay on the support teeth and failed root canals. When a bridge fails it creates enormous problems because more teeth are now damaged and the cost to replace more teeth will have to be invested. These pitfalls of old fashioned dental bridges can be avoided with dental implants. Dental implants do not compromise or damage adjacent teeth. Patients clean and floss a restored dental implant just like natural teeth. Dental implants will never get decay or need a root canal.

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When a tooth is lost the supporting bone starts to disappear. Dental implants are the only tooth replacement options that prevent this large problem. Dental implants fuse with the jawbone where they transmit the forces of chewing into the bone. This stimulation preserves and maintains bone levels. With an old fashioned bridge one literally bridges over the missing tooth. The jaw bone underneath disappears leaving gaps between the bridge and the gum tissue. This is very ugly and creates a large food trap.

Dental Implants are better than bridges

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