Virtual Implant Surgery

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Virtual Dental Implant Surgery.

Dr. Nugent is one a few select dentists in the nation that have Cone Beam Computer Topography (CBCT). Dr. Nugent acquired this technology simply because if Dr. Nugent was the patient, he would want his doctor to have a 3-D image prior to implant placement.


Mapping the Inferior Alveolar Nerve

Digitally placing the Dental Implant

Once vital anatomy is mapped out in 3D, Dr. Nugent can do a virtual implant surgery. He will place the dental implant and can study the size, angulation and location of the implant.

Advanced Dental Implants and Cone Beam
Digital Implant Surgery with Pasadena Texas Dentist Dr. Michael Nugent
Once Dr. Nugent is satisfied with the position he will create a surgical guide. This guide allows Dr. Nugent to place the dental implant in the exact location that he planned for on the computer screen. Using a surgical guide allows for Dr. Nugent to  perform your surgery faster, safer, more accurately and more predictable.
Dental Implant Surgical Guide
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