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Dental Implant Bridge

Treatment Options for Several Missing Teeth

Have you lost several teeth? What are your options?

  • Partial Denture. This is a plastic prosthesis that comes in and out of your mouth. It uses metal clasps to grab onto teeth. The metal clasps provide minor stability. The plastic rubbing on the gum tissue will accelerate the gum and bone tissue loss. This now means the partial is more unstable because the shape of the jawbone has changed.
  • Fixed Implant Bridge. This gives the patient a stable chewing surface.The implants stimulate and preserve the bone levels. The patient will have to use a floss threader to clean under the dental implant bridge.
  • Multiple Dental Implants. Using a dental implant to replace each missing tooth is an option. The patient will brush and floss in between the dental implant crowns. The implants will prevent bone loss.


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