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It’s a fact of life, if you don’t use it you lose it. When teeth are lost, the bone that supported the teeth is no longer stimulated and starts to resorb. This will cause a reduction in height and width of the bone in the area the tooth was lost. The process of bone melting away continues forever if nothing is done to stimulate the bone. The teeth that are adjacent and opposing to the lost tooth will start to move into the vacant space. The shifting teeth will cause food traps, increased decay, gum disease and excessive chewing forces placed on the remaining teeth. The excessive chewing forces can cause the remaining teeth to fracture. Also, the loss of teeth will cause the cheek and lips to collapse into the empty space. This causes a premature elderly appearance.

Dental implants are the one tooth replacement option that preserves bone.

The many negative aspects of tooth loss can be prevented by replacing the lost tooth quickly. Although there are many ways to replace missing teeth, dental implants are the most advanced way. Dr. Nugent has completed dental implants on his family members, friends and employees. Implants are tooth root replacements. They are anchored in the jaw bone just like natural teeth. Then the implants are completed with the abutment and crown. The abutment screws into the implant and will serve as the foundation for the beautiful porcelain crown. The fully restored dental implant looks, feels and functions just like natural teeth.Dental Implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. Pasadena Texas Dentist Dr. Michael Nugent is a leader in dental implant therapy. Come see why Dr. Nugent is known as THE PASADENA TEXAS DENTIST.

The implant transmits chewing forces to the bone and thus stimulates the bone. Also, the implant will never get decay and will never need a root canal. Dental implants are the longest lasting tooth replacement option available in dentistry.

Dental Implants never get decay

Unfortunately, some dentists are still suggesting bridges for teeth replacement. Bridges requires aggressive cutting down of healthy neighbor teeth. Bridges do nothing to stimulate the underlying bone. Bridges fuses teeth together and merely bridge over the missing tooth problem. Bridges have extremely high long term failure rates.  When the bridge fails it will be disastrous both dentally and financially.

Dental Implants Pasadena Texas with Dr. Michael Nugent DDS Pasadena Texas Dental Implant Dentist Dr. Nugent is a leader in dental implant treatment.


Another old fashioned tooth replacement option is removable partial denture. This bulky plastic prosthesis uses metal clasps to grab the remaining teeth. The partial denture must come out at night. The denture will weaken the reaming teeth by placing by placing excessive forces on the teeth. The denture can slip and move during speech and eating causing embarrassing and awkward situations. The plastic teeth rest on the gum tissue and cause sore spots. Partial dentures accelerate bone loss.

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Dental implants are the most advance way to replace missing teeth. Demand the best in dental care. If you are missing teeth,  wouldn’t you want the same treatment Dr. Nugent has performed on his family and friends. Dr. Nugent has been voted  The Best Pasadena Texas Dentist multiple times. Dr. Nugent helps patients from Pasadena, Deer Park, La Porte, League City, Friendswood, Clear Lake, Webster and Houston Texas.  See why Dr. Nugent is known as “The Pasadena Texas Dentist.”


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