They Many Tricks of Dental Implants

Dental implants can be used to replace one, several, or all your teeth. Furthermore, implants can be used as anchors for implant dentures.

Dental Implants replace missing teeth

Problems with partials and denture:

Dentures and partial dentures accelerate the loss of bone and facial contours. A denture is designed to replace missing teeth. It does so in appearance only. Dentures do not function like natural teeth. Old fashioned dentures merely sit on the gum tissue and do not transmit chewing forces to the bone. Thus, bone continues to dissolve and disappear. The old fashioned dentures resting on the gum tissue actually accelerate the bone loss. Dentures are designed to replace missing teeth and to provide support to the facial tissue. The denture becomes increasingly loose because the underlying bone and tissue has disappeared.  Then new dentures must be larger to compensate for the lost bone and gum tissue.



A partial denture was designed to replace multiple missing teeth. It does this by replacing the missing teeth with plastic teeth and using metal hooks to grab the remaining teeth. The plastic teeth do nothing to stimulate bone and thus bone and gum tissue is lost. During function the metal hooks transmit extra rotational forces on the natural teeth. This causes the remaining teeth to be consistently torqued and rotated. This can cause these teeth to fall out. Then new plastic teeth will have to be fabricated and the metal hooks will be placed on different teeth.  This is a vicious cycle and will continue as long as the partial denture is worn.



Both dentures and partial dentures are old fashioned. They are a replacement for only the looks of missing teeth. They do not function like natural teeth. They do nothing to preserve and stimulate bone levels. In fact, these old fashioned denture options accelerate the bone loss.

Dr. Nugent can replace missing teeth with dental implants. Furthermore, Dr. Nugent can create dental implant dentures that are far superior to old fashioned dentures. Dental implants allow an extremely stable foundation for the denture. Also, the dental implants preserve and stimulate bone.

Dentures on Dental Implants





The Advantages of Dental Implant Dentures  include:

  • Stability – Because the implants are embedded into the jaw to support the dentures they remain stable and secure, unlike anything you could ever hope for when using dental adhesive.
  • Improved functionality – Once the implant secured dentures are in place, patients are able to speak, bite, and chew far more easily than they could with conventional dentures. Strong and secure they can withstand a far greater biting force and the wearer will find they can eat a wider diet without being limited to softer foods.
  • Look completely natural – Old Fashioned Dentures sit on the gum line so there is often a gap beneath the denture and the gum beneath. Since Implant Dentures are secured into the gum they look far more natural.
  • Puts a halt to bone loss – Dental implants stop the bone loss, which occurs when teeth are missing.  Thus, the jaw doesn’t shrink and start to change shape, which is why dentures become loose in the first place.


For the best in teeth replacement care, Dr. Nugent can perform the ALL on FOUR dental implant treatment. The ALL on FOUR solution gives patients permanent non-removable teeth. Patients can receive their new teeth in one day and eat a light meal the day of surgery. There is no going without teeth. Get your teeth the same day as the dental implant surgery.


All on Four Dental Implants

All on Four Dental Implants Pasadena Texas



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