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Replacing a Single lost tooth: Bridge or a Dental Implant

For a single missing tooth the two most common treatment options are: 1) Tooth Supported Bridge and 2) Dental Implant

An old fashioned bridge requires the aggressive cutting down of the teeth on both sides of the missing tooth into little pegs. This permanently damages the once healthy teeth and can cause the nerves to die. When this happens a root canal must be performed. The bridge is cemented on to the peg teeth. An old fashioned bridge can be cosmetic initially. However, the gum tissue and bone where the missing tooth was will slowly melt away. This leaves an unsightly black void underneath the bridge. Furthermore, because a bridge connects multiple teeth together it is difficult to clean. Bridges frequently get decay and have to be redone and additional cost to the patient. Unfortunately, over fifty percent of bridges have failed at the ten year mark.

A single missing tooth can be replaced with a bridge or a dental implant.

Tooth replacement with a bridge requires cutting down the adjacent natural teeth to stumps. The bridge is cemented onto the stumps.

Tooth replacement with a dental implant recreates the anatomy of a natural tooth and does not destroy the neighboring teeth.

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Advantages to replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant:

  • Tooth looks, feels and functions like a natural tooth
  • Longest lasting tooth replacement option
  • Better long term cosmetics
  • Will never get decay
  • Never need a root canal
  • No need to grind down the adjacent natural teeth like an old fashioned bridge
  • Bone is preserved, preventing a visible bony defect
  • Easier to clean than a bridge

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