Single Tooth Missing

Dental Implant Pasadena Texas

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Consequences of Non-Treatment of a Single Missing Tooth

Teeth are designed to work together and share the tremendous forces generate during chewing. When a tooth is lost a cascade of bad events takes place.

Results of Tooth Loss:

  1. Bone disappears
  2. Gum tissue shrinks
  3. Teeth shift
  4. Bite problems
  5. Increase risk of gum disease and decay
  6. Increase risk of losing additional teeth



Broken Front Tooth, Saved with a Dental Implant

Dental Implant Pasadena Texas
Broken Front Tooth
Implant Dentist Pasdena Texas
X-Ray of broken Tooth
Deer Park Dental Implant
Custom Abutment in Place
Dental Implant Crown
Dental Implant Crown

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