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Ridge Preservation using Bone

Natural teeth are held by their roots in the jawbone. When a tooth is extracted the root is now  missing resulting in an empty hole in the jawbone. The surrounding bone is no longer stimulate by the tooth root and the bone starts to disappear. The bone collapse and shrinks. If the bone shrinks to much it will be impossible to place a dental implant.

A three unit bridge will solve the problem of the missing tooth but at the expense of cutting down the adjacent teeth to little stubs. Also, the bridge does nothing to preserve the bone and gum tissue.

It is vital at tooth extraction if an implant is not placed immediately that a ridge preservation take place. This procedure maintains the contours of the jawbone ridge and surrounding bone. At the time of extraction, bone material is tightly condensed into the extraction site.  The bone material is absorbed by the body and replace with natural bone.  Now there is a suitable site for a dental implant.

Ridge Preservation



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