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Dental Implants… the Best Solution for Replacing Missing Teeth.

If you are missing a tooth, you have two options. You can replace it or not do anything. If you chose not to replace your tooth then you will face a myriad of complications. The most common being problems with your diet, appearance and increased chance of losing more teeth. There are many options for replacing a missing tooth. However, only a dental implant replicates nature. Because dental implants are fused to the jawbone there is no bone loss and the facial profiles and countours are maintained. Furthermore, dental implants are the most conservative treatment option and do not need to cut or damage adjacent teeth.

Dr. Nugent why should I replace a missing tooth?

When you are missing a tooth there are increased biting forces on the remaining teeth. Teeth are designed to work together to distribute the massive forces involved in chewing.  When the teeth are out of balance the excessive forces will cause the teeth to shift. This shifting can cause spaces between teeth, food impaction, and tooth decay.
Two parts of a tooth are the crown and the root. When you lose a tooth the area of the jaw that supported the tooth is no longer needed. Therefore the bone will atrophy and resorb. This causes changes in facial contours. The adjacent teeth will have compromised bone levels from the bone loss.
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 Dr. Nugent what are my replacement options?

Two old fashioned ways to replace teeth include partials dentures and bridges. Partial dentures are bulky plastic appliances that you take in and out of your mouth. They have metal clasps that grab and torque the remaining teeth. The remaining natural teeth still take the brunt of the chewing forces. Partial dentures do not stimulate bone and the jawbone will continue to atrophy. Patients complain of the bulk of the appliance, discomfort wearing the appliance, tooth sensitivity and loss of taste. Because partial dentures are so bulky they can trap food and bacteria. This can lead to further dental problems and more tooth loss. Partial dentures are still used primarily because they are initially the least expensive tooth replacement option. However, over time they can be more expensive because more teeth will be lost and partials will have to be remade overtime. 

Bridges are another old fashioned way to replace missing teeth. Fixed bridges require extensive cutting of the teeth on either side of the missing tooth. A fixed bridge literally bridges the gap of the missing tooth with one solid piece. Usually the teeth that were cut for the bridge were perfectly healthy teeth. Because of the excessive cutting to prepare the teeth for a bridge, the teeth frequently need root canals. Patients cannot floss between the teeth on the bridge. Bridges are harder to clean and there is a very high rate of decay on bridges. The average lifespan of a bridge is between ten to fifteen years. The most common cause of failure is new decay or failed root canals. Now what started as a problem of one missing tooth can turn into multiple missing teeth. When a bridge fails it is catastrophic. More complex problems arise and even more money is needed to treat the advanced problems.

Dental Implants are the most advanced way to replace missing teeth.

Dr. Nugent has treated three family members with dental implants because dental implants are the superior way to replace missing teeth because dental implants mimic nature. A dental implant is a titanium root that is anchored into the jawbone and preserves bone levels. An abutment attaches to the dental implant and will serve as the base for the highly cosmetic porcelain crown. Dental implants are the best option to replace missing teeth because they replace the missing tooth’s root as well as the crown. Adjacent teeth are unharmed with dental implants. Patients can floss and brush their dental implants just like natural teeth. Dental implants will never decay.  Nothing Dr. Nugent can do to replace teeth will last longer than a dental implant. Dental implants have long term success rates of 95 to 98% and are designed last a lifetime and can also secure dentures, partials, or bridgework. Dental implants feel, look and function just like natural teeth.

You deserve the best in dental care.

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