Old Fashioned Dental Bridges or Modern Dental Implants

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Dental Bridges are outdated. League City Texas discover how uses Dental Implants can be used to replace missing teeth.

Problems with Dental Bridges include:

  • Sacrificing health tooth structure in order to place a bridge.
  • Fusing the teeth together.
  •  Bridges are extremely hard to clean and floss.
  • Dental bridges do not stimulate gum or bone tissue.
  • Dental bridges often fail in less than fifteen years.
  • Support teeth for bridges often get decay causing loss of the support tooth.
  • Support teeth often need root canals because of the aggressive cutting needed to for the bridge.

Dental implants do not suffer any of the problems of dental bridges. A dental implant is independent of the adjacent teeth. Dental implants are cleaned and flossed just like natural teeth. A dental implant will never get decay or need a root canal. Dental implants stimulate bone and gum tissue. Implants are the longest lasting tooth replacement option in dentistry and they are designed to last a lifetime. Dr. Nugent has done dental implants on his Father, Father-in-law, Mother-in-law, friends and team members because dental implants are the gold standard for replacing missing teeth.

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 Why do bridges look funny, especially in the front of the mouth?

Old fashioned bridges do nothing to preserve bone and gum tissue. While bridges can be aesthetic initially, over time the bone and gum tissue under the fake tooth starts to disappear. The bone in the front of the mouth is very thing to begin with. Therefore, the bone and gum tissue deteriorates rapidly.  This causes a “hole” between the gum tissue and the fake tooth that is unattractive. It also makes the fake replacement tooth appear to be “floating” over the gum tissue. Once again, this is not attractive. Along with the ugly cosmetic appearance, the open space will trap food. Dentists who are not current with dental implants may suggest a bridge to replace missing teeth. They do this because it is what they know, this is how they learned it when they were in dental school, bridges are fast, and the initial cosmetic appearance is acceptable. However, over the long term the cosmetic appearance rapidly declines because the bridge does not stimulate the bone and gum tissue. The long term outcome of the bridge is not good because the anchor teeth often get decay. Thus, a new bridge at a new expense will have to be made. Dental implants are not new. They have been around for decades. Dr. Nugent studied dental implants in dental school. He continues to seek out continuing education classes on dental implants and has become a regional leader in dental implants. When comparing old fashioned bridges to modern dental implants there really is no comparison. Dental implants are the superior way to replace missing teeth.

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