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Dental Implants, a third set of teeth?

The increase in the human lifespan has resulted in the need for better teeth replacement options. Teeth now have more time to fail. There are the old-fashioned methods of teeth replacement like dentures, partial dentures and bridges. The aforementioned options are grossly outdated when compared to dental implants. Dental implants are the best and longest lasting way to replace missing teeth.

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Complete Dentures, Partial Dentures Vs Dental Implants

People who wear complete dentures are familiar with the myriad of problems of this antiquated treatment option. Complete dentures are a complete set of teeth for the lower and upper jaw. However, they only LOOK like teeth. They don’t function in any way like natural teeth. The lower denture does not fit properly. It floats on the lower jaw and is pushed off by the tongue and cheeks. The upper denture is uncomfortable because it completely covers the upper palate. The plastic covering the roof of your mouth diminishes the taste of food and drives your tongue crazy.

Partial dentures are a variation of complete dentures. Partial dentures replace all of your missing teeth and use your remaining teeth as anchors. However, they use ugly metal clasps. These clasps attract plaque and put the remaining teeth at risk for decay. In conjunction with, the few remaining teeth must take all the chewing forces. The increased forces can cause the teeth to fracture and become loose.

Both types of dentures accelerate bone and gum tissue loss. This creates a gaunt appearance in the face causing a premature elderly look. The dentures need gross denture adhesives to get the dentures to stay in place. The dentures must be taken out after meals to clean and are placed in a glass of water at night.

Dental implant are the most advanced and longest lasting tooth replacement option. They were made to completely replicate natural teeth. The titanium implants fuse with the bone locking them into the jaw just just like natural teeth. The implants are permanent and do not come out. Implants look, function and feel just like natural teeth. Dental implants are designed to last a lifetime.

If you already wear dentures or are about to loose all of your teeth Dr. Nugent can create Dental Implant Dentures.┬áThese implant dentures are secure and stable. The dentures “snap” onto the dental implant providing awesome retention.

Dental Implant Dentures

Bridges v. Dental Implants

Dental Implants: Dental implant are the gold standard for replacing a missing tooth. A dental implant is basically a copy of a natural tooth. The implant starts with the titanium cylinder that is places into the jaw bone. The bone fuses with the implant locking it into place. Then the abutment is screwed into the implant and serves as the base for the cosmetic porcelain crown. The implant does not damage other teeth. Also, the implant transmits chewing forces into the bone to keep the jawbone healthy. Implants are the most cosmetic and longest lasting tooth replacement option. Dental implants will never get decay and will never need a root canal. Implants are designed to last a lifetime.

Fixed Bridges: In the past, a fixed bridge was the best non-removable option there was to replace a missing tooth. However, the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth have to be drilled down to little stubs to receive the dental bridge. The teeth are irreversibly damaged and often need root canals. Also, bridges tend to fail around the ten to fifteen year mark due to decay and failed root canals. Another disadvantage of bridges is that they do nothing to stimulate the gum and bone tissue. The bone that once supported the missing tooth is no longer need and the bone fades away. This leads to ugly voids underneath the bridge that collect food.

Bridge v. Implant

Bonded Bridges: Also known as Maryland Bridges, are a temporary tooth restoration method. They do no last long term. A fake tooth that has wings is glued onto the back side of the teeth. The entire tooth must rely on the cementation of the wings to the back side of the teeth. Eating tweaks and places torque on the wings causing them to fail.

Removable Appliance (Flipper): A flipper is nothing more than just a temporary, low cost solution to missing teeth. Dr. Nugent utilizes flippers for missing front teeth while the dental implant is healing in the bone. Flippers are only for looks and are not used to eat with.

Teeth can be lost for many reasons (decay, trauma, failed root canal, cracked tooth, gum disease). It is important to replace the missing tooth for overall health. Many problems arise when teeth are not replaced. Dental implants are the absolute best option when replacing missing teeth. They are the longest lasting dental procedure.

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