Missing Tooth Options

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Missing a single tooth? What are your options?

If you are missing a tooth there are severe consequences of a missing tooth.  But what are your options?

1. Single Tooth Partial Denture. There will be bone loss and tissue loss around the missing tooth. The partial denture will move causing sore spots on the gum tissue. Chewing forces can break the plastic tooth. The parital denture will have to be taken out at night and placed in water.

2. Maryland Bridge (resin bonded bridge). Bone loss and gum tissue loss causing ugly black void under the bridge. The bridge is barely held onto the teeth via small wings glued to the back of the adjacent teeth. Chewing forces will dislodge the bridge.

3. Fixed Bridge. This irreversibly damages the adjacent teeth. The adjacent teeth have to be ground down to little stumps to accommodate the bridge. The bridge does not preserve bone or gum tissue so there will be a void underneath the replacement tooth. The support teeth are difficult to clean. This commonly results in decay or the need for root canals.

4. Dental Implant. This replacement option preserves bone and gum tissue. It does not damage the adjacent teeth. You brush and floss the dental implant tooth just like natural teeth. The implant will never get decay and will never need a root canal. The dental implant restores chewing forces to normal levels. Lastly, the dental implant is the longest lasting tooth replacement option available.

 Missing Tooth Options:

There are many ways to replace a missing tooth.
Deer Park Texas Dentist Dr. Nugent utilizes dental implants to replace missing teeth.
Some dentists have not kept current on the best ways to replace missing teeth.
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When Dr. Nugent’s parents, in-laws, and team members lost teeth Dr. Nugent used dental implants to replace the missing/broken teeth.
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Dental implants represent the absolute best way to replace missing teeth.
Dental Implants replace missing teeth.
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