Consequences Of Missing All Teeth

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Elderly DentistIf you have lost any of your teeth, you quickly found out that their are consequences to living without them.

Problems Associated with Lost teeth:

  1. Compromised smile
  2. Difficulties eating and speaking
  3. Decreased self-confidence
  4. Jaw pain
  5. Shifting teeth
  6. Loss of jawbone


The jawbone supports the teeth. When teeth are missing the jawbone is no longer needed to support the teeth. After tooth lost, in the first year there is a 25% decrease in bone width. This loss of bone continues constantly. When more teeth are lost and the bone continues to disappear, patients will get a “witches chin”. This is when the distance from nose to chin decreases and the lower third of the face collapses. With not jawbone or teeth the lips sag inward creating a frown. Lastly, with the extreme bone loss of the jawbone patients are more prone to jaw fractures.

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When a tooth is lost there is shifting of the teeth. The nearby teeth will collapse into the missing space. This causes unusual biting forces and can lead to jaw joint pain. Patients experience a compromised diet leading to poor nutrition.

Several Missing Teeth

 Missing All Teeth


The good news is that dental implants can prevent all of the problems associated with tooth loss. Dental implants are the most advanced and longest lasting tooth replacement method.

How Dental Implants Prevent Bone Loss

Teeth help you eat, smile and feel great again. When teeth are lost the bone starts to disapear causing problems.  Dental implants are the ONLY tooth replacement option that prevent bone loss. Implants are made out of titanium. Bone loves titanium and will fuse to the titanium implant. By becoming a permanent part of the jawbone, dental implants stabilize and stimulate the bone. Thus, the bone maintains its volume and density.

Dental implants are inserted into the jaw bone. The are allowed to heal and fuse to the jaw bone. Then the implant is restored with an abutment and a crown to create a lifelike dental crown.The implant tooth looks, feels and functions exactly like your natural teeth. Dental implant success rates exceed 97% — the highest of any tooth-replacement option.

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