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Missing a Single Tooth:

There are various treatment options available for replacing a single tooth. The top left panel shows the placement of a partial denture. A partial denture lacks the secure connection to the jawbone and can move, shift and irritate the gums. In the top right panel we see a resin bonded bridge (Maryland bridge) being cemented to the back of the neighboring teeth. This connection lacks the strength to withstand everyday biting and chewing forces causing the bridge to fail. The bottom left shows a fixed bridge. In this option two of the neighboring teeth are significantly shaved down for the cementing of the bridge. This weakens the teeth making them more susceptible to decay which can cause further tooth loss leading to an extension of the bridge. In the bottom right panel a dental implant has been placed. This is the only option that is proven to prevent bone loss. A dental implant feels like a natural tooth it is a secure and stable option for tooth replacement.

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