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Consequences of Missing All Teeth

Natural teeth are held securley in the jawbone. Decay, gum disease, trauma, poor oral hygiene, smoking and diabetes can lead to the loss of all the teeth. Chewing forces are directed down the tooth root and stimulates bone. When the teeth are lost the bone rapidly disappears causing devastating results. The loss of gum tissue and bone cause one to have a premature elderly appearance. The lips appear thinner and there are increased wrinkles around the mouth. The chin and nose come closer together forming a “witches chin”. Furthermore, once the bone is lost it is extremely difficult to get back and limits dental treatment options.

Dental Implants are the only option that preserve bone levels.

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If you are missing all your teeth Dental Implant Dentures are one solution to prevent bone loss. Dental Implant Dentures are secure and stable.

Dental Implant Dentures

Another option if you have lost all your teeth is a fixed hybrid denture. Most patients know this treatment as the All-on-Four Dental Implant treatment. This is a great option if a patient does not want to take their teeth out at night.

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