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Treatment Options for Missing All of Your Teeth

Have you lost all of your teeth? What are your options?

  • Removable Denture. This is the basic old fashioned denture. It is a miserable experience and only looks like teeth. A removable denture in no way acts like teeth. The denture sits loosely on the jawbone. There is no secure connection to the jawbone. The denture is lose and moves around on the gum tissue. This causes painful sore spots. The denture speeds up the loss of gum tissue and bone leaving a more unstable denture.
  • Implant Bridges. Dental Implants can be placed in the jaw bone. Every missing tooth does not have to be replaced with an implant. A dental implant bridge can replace the missing teeth.
  • Implant Dentures. With dental implants providing a secure connection, implant dentures “snap” into place. The implants preserve the bone in the area around the implant. Dr. Nugent prefers locator implant dentures. There is more customization available with locator dentures. Dr. Nugent can customize the force of retention with locators.  Ball and O-ring attachments only have one retention force. Bar and Clip attachments use more implants and and the clips can come our of the denture. Locator dentures can be easily switched out when the nylon o-rings lose retention.
  • Fixed Hybrid Denture. Most patients know this treatment as the ALL on Four dental implant treatment. This can be made with as little as four implants. This gives patients new functional teeth all in one day.

Options for Missing All of Your Teeth


Dr. Nugent is a Pasadena Texas Dentist that devotes a large part of his practice to implant dentistry. If you are losing or have lost all of your teeth come talk to Dr. Nugent. Discover what all your options are in securing a happy and healthy smile.

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