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Dental Implant Bridge Pasadena TexasDental Implant Bridge

If you are missing a number of adjacent teeth you have several options to replace the missing teeth. Each tooth can be replaced with separate implants (one for each missing tooth) or by using two implants to create a dental implant bridge. Dr. Nugent utilizes a lot of dental implant bridges because they restore all the missing teeth with as few implants as possible. This option can make implant treatment more reasonable financially when patients are missing many teeth.

The significance of replacing missing back teeth (your molar teeth) cannot be stressed enough. Back teeth are large multi-rooted teeth that are intended to do the highest work of chewing your food. The back molars are your grinding and crunching teeth.

When molar teeth have been lost, the chewing forces are transferred to the much smaller single-rooted teeth at the front of your mouth. These front teeth are just not designed to grind and crunch food like your molars. These additional stresses on your front teeth will unavoidably cause damage.



Problems with Missing Adjoining Teeth

More than one tooth missing or failing


  • Dislike wearing a denture or have a failing bridge
  • Adjacent and opposing teeth will drift into the missing space
  • Unsightly and embarrassing gap in your smile
  • Jaw bone and gum tissue loss at site of missing teeth
  • Inability to chew properly
  • Not enough teeth to support a bridge
  • Do not want teeth damaged by a bridge


Implants supporting replacement teeth

  • Ideal long term solution that looks, feels and functions just like natural teeth
  • Fixed in place, no need to remove them to clean
  • Will never get decay
  • Will never need a root canal
  • Dental implant bridge replaces multiple teeth with as little as two implants
  • No need to damage adjacent healthy teeth
  • Very high success rate

Dental Implant Bridge


Bridge supported on natural teeth

  • Anchor teeth need to be aggressively drilled down to cement a bridge
  • Bridges on natural teeth have poor long term success
  • Bridges on natural teeth frequently get decay and thus a new bridge must be made
  • Natural teeth die due to aggressive cutting and will need root canals
  • Jaw Bone supporting the gum beneath a bridge will shrink due to lack of use leaving a gap

Dental Implants are better than bridges.Dental implant or Bridge

Partial Dentures

  • Can be loose and uncomfortable,
  • Food gets trapped underneath the denture.
  • Plastic denture is bulky
  • Plastic alters the taste of foods
  • Wearing a partial denture will accelerate the bone and gum tissue loss in the space where the teeth were lost
  • Replacement required every few years as dentures become looser

Implant Dentist Pasadena Texas

Do Nothing and Leave a Gap

  • Unsightly and embarrassing
  • Lowered Self-esteem
  • Can impair eating and speech
  • Adjacent and opposing teeth will drift into the empty space

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