Miracle of Dental Implants

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The Miracle of Dental Implants

La Porte Texas Cosmetic Dental Implant DentistDental implants are small titanium cylinders that are placed into the jawbone. The implants serve as tooth root substitutes. The jawbone will fuse with the dental implant creating a strong foundation for replacement teeth. The abutments are then screwed into the implant and will serve as the base for the cosmetic porcelain crown. Dental Implants can eliminate old fashioned dental treatment options like bridges and dentures!

The real magic of dental implants is how the bone will fuse with the titanium implant. This process is called Osseointegration. Once the bone healing is completed the titanium is securely locked into the bone. Now the dental implant can be restored to look, feel and function just like a natural tooth. The patient will brush and floss their restored dental implant tooth just like a natural tooth

Dental Implants the gold standard to replacing missing teeth. Old fashioned dental bridges greatly damage adjacent teeth. These adjacent teeth must be ground down to little stumps to allow space for the dental bridge. A bridge only has about a ten year service life and most often fail due to decay, failed root canals and fractured teeth. Dental implants do not negatively affect adjacent teeth. Thus dental implants are more conservative and actually better for a patient’s mouth. Dental implants are the longest lasting tooth replacement option. Dental implants will never get decay or need a root canal. Furthermore, dental implants are WAY more comfortable than wearing a denture.


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If you are already in full dentures you know the horrible consequences of dentures: loose fitting, uncomfortable, inability to eat certain foods, messy denture adhesives, fear of the dentures falling out. Dental implants can be utilized to securely anchor the dental implant. Experience real comfort with your dentures when you upgrade to Dental Implant Dentures.

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