Many Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental Implants Has Many Advantages. Here Are Just a Few:

Jawbone is preserved:

Missing teeth can significantly affect your facial appearance. As bone is lost from the jaw, the soft tissues collapse creating deep wrinkles and a caved in look. Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that stimulates and preserves the jaw bone.

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Dental Implants prevent teeth from shifting.


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When a tooth is lost, the adjacent teeth will collapse into the empty space. A dental implant prevents this from happening.

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No collateral damage to natural teeth:

Teeth supported bridges irreversibly damage healthy teeth. For a dentist to place a bridge, healthy teeth have to be cut down to little pegs. This aggressive cutting down of the teeth increases the risk of the teeth needing a root canal. Furthermore, bridges are difficult to clean and are very prone to get decay. Then the bridge has to be redone and the patient has to pay for the new bridge. Dental implants do not damage adjacent teeth. The implants are anchored directly into the underlying jaw bone, so there is no collateral damage. Simply put, dental implants are better than a bridge.

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A Cleaner mouth:

You care for your dental implants exactly the same way you care for your natural teeth. Normal brushing and flossing! Also, implant teeth can never get decay and or need a root canal. Bridges trap food and bacteria and require special procedures to keep them clean.

Secure Dentures:

Old fashioned dentures move while eating, sneezing, talking and laughing. Anyone who has had this happen knows that it is very awkward and embarrassing experience. Therefore, patients resort to using lots of messy gooey denture adhesives. Dental implants provide a firm stable foundation in which dentures will “snap” into place. Patients with implant dentures are free to eat their favorite foods, talk without fear of their teeth falling out.

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Enjoy foods again:

An old fashioned denture covers the entire roof of your mouth, and spoils your sense of taste. Patients have bulky plastic in their mouth. Foods taste different with a complete denture in place. Implant dentures can be made so that the roof of your mouth is not covered. You will once again enjoy the rich textures and tastes of your favorite foods.

Better Diet:

Old fashioned dentures make chewing extremely difficult because they are not stable. These dentures rub the gum tissue causing painful ulcers. Therefore, many people avoid eating nutritious foods like fresh fruits and vegetables and rely on soft processed foods.

Enhanced self-esteem:

Dr. Nugent’s patients often talk about an increase in self-esteem after completing dental implant treatment. Patients love the freedom to eat, talk, and laugh normally! Patients love the new beautiful smile? Dental implants will change your life.

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Improved quality of life:

Dental implants feel, look, and function just like real teeth. Implants create a long lasting, beautiful smile. No one will know they are not the teeth you were born with because you will have a stunning smile. With implants there are no problems with speech and you will eat the same foods as everyone else. Your dental implants are permanent and do not come out.

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Dental Implant Surgery is not Painful:



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