Lower Anterior Implant Bridge


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Dental implants have revolutionized dentistry. In the past dentistry used removable (comes in and out of your mouth) dentures to replace missing teeth. Also, bridges were used to replace missing teeth. However, old fashioned bridges damaged teeth and usually failed within fifteen years.  Dentistry was limited by technology and materials.

Now with dental implants the options to replace missing teeth are amazing. Dr. Nugent can deliver non-removable (stays in place and does not come out) dental implant solutions. The implants are the longest lasting tooth replacement option. Furthermore, the implants look, feel and function just like missing teeth.

Lower Dental Implant Bridge on the Front Teeth.

This patient lost her lower front four teeth. She wanted the best dentistry possible and went with a dental implant bridge.  As an interim she wore a lower partial denture. The denture is taken out after meals in order to clean the denture. Plus, the denture is taken out at night and placed in a glass of water. Who wants to sleep next to their teeth?

The time arrived to finish her dental implant bridge.

Missing Teeth Implant Dentist
Missing Teeth
Removable Partial Denture
Removable Partial Denture


Dental Implant Bridge
Dental Implant Bridge


Dental Implant Bridge
Happy Patient










Dr. Nugent loves working with dental implants. Listen to the key phrases that this patient said:  1)  Yes, I would have this implant again 2) It feels very very good 3) I would suggest anyone that is having to have this done to go this way 4) It looks great 5) I would definitely recommend this to anyone 6) The doctor is superb!


Patient was back in the office for her teeth cleaning. Listen to her description of how she is loving her new teeth. The key point that illustrates how awesome dental implants is when she says “I’ve not had anything that sturdy in my whole life”


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