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Dental Implants vs.  Dental Bridge

A dental implant is a much greater choice for restoring missing teeth than a dental bridge. Dental implants are the most advanced and longest lasting way to replace missing teeth. Bridges are old fashioned and work poorly long term. Dental bridges must cut down healthy adjacent teeth. This aggressive cutting can lead to Root Canals on the cut teeth. Bridges suffer catastrophic failures due to decay and failed root canals. Dental implants will never get decay or need a root canal. Dr. Nugent has completed dental implants on family members, friends and employees. There is no way he would have done a bridge on his loved one. See why League City Texas has dental implants with our office.

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Bridge v. Implant

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Implants versus Bridges

A Dentist Recommended a Bridge

I was told I could not receive a dental implant.

Unfortunately, we see lots of patients that say “my old dentist told me I did not have enough bone for an implant” or “my old dentist said my sinus is big and I can’t get an implant.” Unfortunately, some dentists have not kept current with modern bone grafting and sinus elevation procedures. With advanced 3-D scans Dr. Nugent and his Oral Surgeons can better see bone levels and sinus borders. Sometimes no bone grafting or sinus procedures are necessary. If they are the advanced imaging makes the procedure easier and very predictable.

Surgical Guides for Dental Implants


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Will I without a tooth until the implant is restored?

No. There are several options to provide a temporary tooth replacement solution. These temporary replacement options can be fixed (you don’t take it out) or removable. The fixed option is to have a temporary abutment and temporary crown. The removable options are a Snap on Smile device or a removable partial denture (also called a flipper).

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