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Dental implants can simply be explained as the ultimate replacement option for your missing teeth due to dental decay, trauma, or gum diseases. Dental implants are made out of biologically tissue and bone friendly titanium alloys. The titanium has the special properties of elasticity and flexibility required to replicate a natural tooth root within the jaw bone. The inert and non-corrosive nature of dental implants enables these to remain within the body tissues without undergoing deterioration with the passage of time. Lastly, the jaw bone will grow up to and fuse with the implant. Dental implants basically replace the roots of natural teeth so that porcelain dental crown can be placed in order to complete the replacement tooth structure and restore overall function, cosmetics and structure. Dr. Nugent helps La Porte Texas with their dental implant needs.

When dental implant are placed within the alveolar bone of upper or lower jaw, it stimulates bone tissues to completely envelope it and grow around it forming a structural and functional connection between the jaw bone and this artificial tooth’s root. This process is called Osseointegration.

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Further stimulation of bone growth continues as long as the implant remains within the bone. Once this biological connection has been established, it becomes extremely difficult to differentiate between the artificial implant and natural tooth structure. Dental implants mimic the tooth’s root in all aspects. It transmits sensations of hot, cold and pressure in the same manner like natural human teeth. The life-like appearance and feeling of dental implants is considered to be its major advantage.



Replacement of missing teeth is extremely necessary to prevent tilting, drifting and mal-alignment of adjacent teeth and over-eruption of opposing teeth. Failure to provide artificial teeth within short time after tooth loss can result in tooth mobility, bone loss and eventual loss of adjacent teeth. These serious consequences can result in deterioration of oral as well as general health eventually. Dental implant placement prevents these fatal complications, preserving bone and teeth.


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La Porte Texas travels to Dr. Nugent for dental implant solutions. Dr. Nugent is an award winning dentist that serves the Pasadena, Texas and the surrounding cities. Dr. Nugent is one of the few general dentist that has the training and experience to perform both the surgical and restorative aspect of your dental implant treatment.

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