Keep Your Dentures in Place

Pasadena Texas Dental Implant Dentures

New patients often come to our dental office from Pasadena and surrounding cities because their existing denture will not stay in place during chewing and speaking. Patients suffer with messy denture adhesives and uncomfortable dentures. These patient constantly worry about when their dentures are going to fall out causing massive embarrassment. Dr. Nugent has been helping patients get secure and stable dental implant dentures. Dentures that are held in place by dental implants are life changing. This is because the dental implants offer secure anchor points for the denture. This eliminates rocking and movement. Dentures supported by implants are an ideal solution for patients who find themselves in a situation where the removal of all teeth is necessary. Dental Implant Dentures not only provide you with a gorgeous smile, but they offer ideal function and will feel as close as possible to your natural teeth.


Dental Implant Dentures in Pasadena Texas by Michael Nugent DDS

Snap In Dentures

The dental implants are placed at our Pasadena, TX practice by implant dentist Dr. Nugent. The dental  implants will fuse to the bone. Now the anchored dental implants can be used as supports for the implant denture. The implant dentures will “snap” onto the dental implant providing a secure and stable denture. The denture is secured by the implants rather then merely floating and resting on the gum tissue. Also, Dr. Nugent can change the retention force of the implants therefore personalizing each implant denture to each patient. The implant denture is customized to you!

Dentures on Dental Implants by Pasadena Texas Dentist Michael Nugent. His office is located at 3421 Burke Rd #1, Pasadena Texas 77504.

Implant Denture Options

Patients with implant retained dentures have several different options depending on the number of implants they have placed. The fewest number of implants that need to be placed per arch is two. With two dental implants the denture will be stable. However, there will be front to back rocking because almost all of the denture is behind the implants and will be resting on gum tissue. The more implants placed greatly increase the support and stability of your implant denture.

Speak More Clearly and Avoid the Bulky Palate

By placing four implants on the top Dr. Nugent can fabricate a denture that does not have bulky plastic on the roof of the mouth. The denture will be “palate-less”, meaning the denture will not have an acrylic portion on the roof of your mouth. Patients love this option because they speak more clearly, taste their food better, and lessens the gag reflex. Having four implants allows the denture to snap in place during eating and functioning but still has to be removed for cleaning and sleeping. For permanent, non-removable dentures the All on Four Dental Implant procedure is utilized.

Lower Denture Retention

Lower dentures are almost always the biggest nuisance when wearing top and bottom dentures. Patient hate wearing old fashioned lower dentures. The lower dentures are less stable because there is less bony support and the tongue dislodges the denture during eating and speaking. When patients upgrade from old fashioned dentures to implant retained dentures they always say they can’t believe they ever wore a denture without implant retention.



Dr. Nugent is a family dentist located at 3421 Burke Rd #1, Pasadena, Texas 77504.  Dr. Nugent became fascinated with the amazing abilities of dental implants  during dental school. Dr. Nugent has developed his practice to be a family dental office with a major emphasis on implant dentistry. Patients come from Pasadena, Deer Park, La Porte, League City and Friendswood for Dr. Nugent’s skill and implant knowledge. If you are in old fashioned dentures or are about to lose all of your teeth come visit Dr. Nugent. Let him show you how implant dentistry can change your life. Call us at 713-941-1812.

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