Implants Preserve Bone

Dental Implants preserve bone. Is this really a big deal?

Patients are not aware of how teeth stimulate and contribute to the health of the bone. The old saying “if you don’t use it, you lose it” is very true when it comes to bone. When a tooth is removed, it can no longer transmit the forces of chewing to the bone. The bone is not stimulated and will disappear. The cheek will collapse into the space once occupied by the tooth and bone. This causes noticeable changes to the facial outline.

Dental Implants Prevent Bone Loss


Teeth loss and Bone Loss Pasadena Texas
These changes include increased wrinkles near the mouth. The lips are no longer supported and fall inwards. This creates a premature elderly appearance. When a patient loses all their teeth the jaw bones quickly deteriorates. This causes rapid changes to the facial outlines. The bottom third of the face deceases. The patient’s nose will point downward while the chin will point upwards. The lips collapse backwards creating flat lips. This results in a severely gaunt and collapsed elderly appearance.

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Dental implants are the only way to stop bone loss after teeth are lost.

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Dental Implants are the best way to replace missing teeth.


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