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Upgrade Your Old Fashioned Dentures to Advanced Dental Implant Dentures.

The problem with old fashioned dentures is that nothing has changed with the design. It is still placing something that looks like teeth and jamming them into a patients mouth. The dentures just float on the gum tissue. Patients try to use massive amounts of denture adhesives to secure their dentures. This is messy and gross. The dentures are loose and rub the gum tissue causing sore spots on the gum tissue.The dentures barely function during eating so patients are forced to have a soft diet. Worse yet, the dentures can fall out during eating, talking and laughing. Talk about embarrassment!

Dental Implant Dentures Pasadena Deer Park Texas

Implant Dentures provide confidence and self-esteem. The implant dentures are rock solid and do not move. They are anchored by dental implants. The implants are fused with the jawbone and provide a secure attachment foundation for the denture. Thus, the dentures do  not move and provide tremendous chewing forces. Patients can eat the foods they love. Throw away your denture adhesives because you will no longer need the messy paste.

A must watch video that shows the amazing stability of Dental Implant Dentures.


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