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Reasons why you would choose dental implants:

  • To replace one or more missing teeth
  • To improve chewing comfort and efficiency
  • To preserve bone levels
  • To increase self-confidence while smiling, talking, eating and kissing
  • To improve your overall health
  • To improve your smile cosmetically
  • To provide support for a partial denture
  • To prevent lose dentures
  • To eliminate messy denture adhesives
  • To use the longest lasting tooth replacement option

Dental Implants never get decay

Pasadena Texas Dental Implants:

Dental implants were developed in the early 1950s. The techniques and protocols for implant placement and restoration have been greatly refined. Now Doctors understand the physiology and science of bone fusing to the titanium dental implant. Nothing in dentistry will last as long as a dental implant when restoring teeth. Dental implants preserve bone levels because chewing transmits forces into the bone. The bone is stimulated and preserved. Dental implants do not damage adjacent teeth. Dental implants will never get decay or need a root canal. Dental implants restore ideal oral health as well as self-confidence and optimism for those who have had tooth loss.

Pasadena, Texas turns to Dr. Michael Nugent for their dental implants.

Dental Implant Dentistry Pasadena Texas

Dental implants can also be used to anchor dentures. Say goodbye to loose painful dentures. The dental implants are anchor points for the denture to attach to. Old fashioned dentures merely rest on the gum tissue. The lips, tongue, facial muscles can easily dislodge the dentures. When, dental implant dentures are attached to the dental implants the denture is very secure.

Dentures on Dental Implants


Patients choose Dr. Nugent for their dental implants. Dr. Nugent is a regional leader in dental implants. Dr. Nugent sees patients from Pasadena, Deer Park, La Porte, Friendswood, Clear Lake, Webster and Houston.

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