Jaw Atrophy and Denture Relines:


Denture Relines

A removable denture is custom fitted to each patients jawbone but as the jawbone shrinks over time the removable denture becomes loose. This movement will cause soreness of gums, difficulty in chewing and trouble speaking. The constant rubbing of the denture accelerates the bone loss in the jaw. Over the years the denture may need a reline so that it fits the changing shape of the jaw. This can be very frustrating for a patient that experiences this scale of denture maintenance for many years. With bone loss it becomes increasingly difficult to stabilize the denture. The remaining bone may not be thick enough to protect one of the jaws main nerves from the pressure of biting and chewing.

The only way to prevent the atrophy of the jaw is to place dental implants. Patients love their dental implant dentures because the implant denture is stable and secure.


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