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A common phobia is visiting the dentist. Most of these fear some about from a previous negative dental experience. Patients have such high anxiety that they neglect going to the dentist. Little problems turn into big problems. Residents of Deer Park and La Porte make the short drive to our office to utilize Dr. Nugent’s skills in Sedation Dentistry.

Detnal Sedation Pasadena Texas

Dr. Nugent loves being a dentist, but he also realizes that for a lot of patients Dental Anxiety is paralyzing. Dental sedation allows patients to get the dentistry they need while being relaxed.

The first level of sedation is the use of Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas). This is a great option because once the procedure is over you will be put on 100% Oxygen. This will flush out the Nitrous Oxide and you will be alreart and able to drive home.

The next level of sedation is the utilization of oral medication. This combined with Nitrous Oxide creates an amazingly level of sedation. Most patients report being in a “dream like” state. After the dental procedure someone will have to drive you home.

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Sedation Dentistry Pasadena TexasDr Nugent has advanced training and holds a special license from the State of Texas to administer special sedation in his office. If you have extreme anxiety when going to a dentist, let Dr. Nugent explain the many benefits of sedation dentistry. Most of Dr. Nugent’s patients choose to be sedated during the surgical placing of the dental implants.

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