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Dental Implants Pasadena, Texas:

The cost of dental implants depend on many issues including your own overall health, the complexity of the problem, location of the implant, bone grafting and the cost of the materials used. Pasadena, Texas Dentist Dr. Michael Nugent is a leader in dental implant treatment.

Dental implants replace missing teeth.

Dental implants have been used for over thirty years in dentistry and they are the standard of care when replacing missing teeth. The dental implant is placed into the jawbone. There the jawbone grows up to and fusses with the dental implant. This processes is called osseointegration. Now then dental implant is securely anchored into the jawbone and can act like a replacement tooth root.

Pasadena, Texas Dental Implants


Dr. Nugent has extensive training and experience with dental implants. He can use dental implants to replace single teeth. Plus, Dr. Nugent can make dental implant bridges and dental implant dentures. For complete immediate reconstruction Dr. Nugent offers the All on Four Dental Implants procedure.

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Dr. Nugent is a leader in dental implant therapy. He has been helping Pasadena and Deer Park Texas achieve stunning long lasting dental implant results. Dr. Nugent is one of the few general dentists in the entire area that has an advanced 3D Conebeam CT machines.

Digital Implant Surgery



With the 3D x-ray Dr. Nugent can create a dental implant surgical guide to precisely place the dental implant where he planned it on the computer. The guide makes the surgery faster, more accurate and less invasive for the patient.

Dental Implant Surgical Guide
Furthermore, Dr. Nugent can also both place and restore your dental implants. Experience matters. Get the best in dental implant care for you and your family.

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