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Dental Implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. See why Dr. Nugent is the best dental implant dentist in Pasadena Texas.La Porte Texas Dental Implants:

If you are missing a tooth, had a dentist recommend a bridge, or want an alternative to dentures; Dental Implants are perfect for La Porte Texas residents wanting the best in dentistry. Dental Implants allow you to replace a lost tooth with a robust dental implant that looks, functions and feels like a natural tooth.

After a tooth is lost patients will experience changes within their mouth. These negative changes include:

  • Decreased self-esteem
  • Unattractive smile
  • Problems chewing food
  • Increased risk for cavities, gum disease and more tooth loss
  • Shifting teeth
  • Loss of jawbone in the area of the extracted tooth
  • Jaw Pain

These changes can cause permanent injury to remaining teeth and result in further dental deterioration. Dental Implants offer numerous advantages to patients after tooth loss. The ability to recover the form, function of the lost tooth is one of the chief benefits of Dental Implants.

Tooth Implant Pasadena Texas

Deer Park Texas Dental Implants

Dental implants replace the entire missing tooth, tooth root included. Therefore, implants are indistinguishable in appearance as compared to your natural teeth. Dental Implants are fabricated to match the exact size and color of your existing teeth. Having a tooth replacement anchored in the jawbone will improve biting pressure, reduce irritation to the gum tissue, raise self-confidence and preserve the jawbone.

dental Implant Pasadena Texas

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the absolute best way to replace missing teeth because implants restore the entire tooth root and all. This restores the natural look and function of your mouth while avoiding the awkwardness and embarrassment of dentures.

Dental implants are simply a titanium cylinder that is placed into the jaw bone. There the bone fuses to the implant in a processes called osseointegration. The jaw bone creates a secure foundation for the implant. Now the dental implant is ready to be completed.

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The abutment screws into the implant and serves as a foundation for the porcelain crown. The fully restored implant tooth looks, functions and feels like a natural tooth. The implant tooth is anchored in the jaw bone and comes out of the gum tissue just like a natural tooth.

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The loss of teeth is an upsetting experience which has philosophical and psychological effects on the quality of our lives. Dental implants solve the numerous problems associated with tooth loss.

Teeth have several major roles, most obviously they allow you to chew food and are part of an attractive smile. Teeth help to stimulate the jaw bone. When teeth are lost the jaw bone starts to fade away. Furthermore, teeth play an important part in speech and help maintain our facial shape.

Dental Implants Prevent Bone Loss


The loss of even one tooth can begin a process called facial collapse. The gums that hold the teeth no longer have a function and begin to shrink, changing the shape of the face. The jaw bone starts to disappear in the areas of tooth loss. This leads to a pre-mature elderly appearance.

Traditional dentistry has been successful in saving teeth. Most people expect to keep their teeth for their whole lives. However, despite our best efforts there are situations (decay, failed root canals, trauma, periodontal disease) where natural teeth cannot be saved. For these people, conventional dentistry is not always good enough.

Removable dentures are bulky plastic prosthesis that clip onto remaining teeth. The removable dentures increase the risk of additional teeth being loss and actually increase the rate of bone loss in areas with no teeth. Old fashioned bridge work involves drilling away healthy teeth in order to replace a missing tooth. The problems with bridges is that they irreversibly damage adjacent teeth and because they fuse teeth together they are hard to clean. The long term success of bridges is not good as the anchor teeth usually fail due to decay or root canals.


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