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Parts of a Dental ImplantImplants offer significant advantages over traditional “dental bridges”

Dental implants do not damage adjacent teeth. Bridges require aggressive cutting on the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth. The teeth area that has to be removed is gone forever. In other words, the teeth that had to be cut on are forever damaged.

The titanium implants will never get decay and never need a root canal. Therefore, implants are the better long term investment.

Old-fashioned bridges fail half the time at the 10 to 13 year mark making them a poor long term tooth replacement option. Bridges fail due to tooth fracture, decay and failed root canal treatment.

Implants are designed to last a lifetime.

Implants replicate natural teeth from the root up. Therefore, implants look, feel and function just like natural teeth.

Implants provide chewing forces that are equal to natural teeth.


Dental Implants are better than bridges

Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that preserves and stimulates bone levels in the jaw. The implants are embedded into the jaw bone. Chewing forces are transmitted down the implant and stimulates the bone. Bridges merely bridge over a missing tooth. The underlying bone receives no stimulation and the bone starts to “melt” away. The loss of bone with bridges creates unattractive holes that trap food.

Implants offer superior advantages over old fashioned bridges when it comes to replacing a single teeth or even multiple teeth. They are the closest thing to your natural teeth and offer stability and function along with outstanding cosmetics. Plus, dental implants do not damage neighbor teeth and do not require preparation (cutting down the enamel) which can lead to long-term maintenance issues (root canals, fractured teeth, cleaning issues).

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