Dental Implants in Deer Park Texas

Pasadena Texas Dental Implants

Dental Implants are superior to old fashioned bridges.

 bridge or dental implants

Do you want old and antiquated dental care? That is what you get with dental bridges.

There are many problems with bridges:

  1. Old and outdated technology
  2. Difficult to clean
  3. Damages adjacent teeth
  4. Poor long term survival
  5. Does nothing to preserve jaw bone levels

Implants offer the solutions to the problems of dental bridges.

Dental Implant have many advantages:

  1. Advanced dental technology
  2. Cleans just like natural teeth.
  3. Does not damage adjacent teeth.
  4. Longest tooth replacement option survival
  5. Preserves jaw bone levels

Texas Dental Implant Dentist


Dental implants offer Deer Park Texas residents the best in dental care. Dr. Nugent is a leader in dental implant care. Dr. Nugent sees patients from Pasadena, Deer Park, La Porte, League City, Friendswood, and Houston Texas. Dr. Nugent has been voted  Best Dentist in Pasadena, Texas.

Dental Implants never get decay Dr. Michael Nugent is located at 3421 Burke Rd #1 Pasadena, Texas 77504. He is a leader in dental implant treatment. Dental Implants Pasadena Texas with Dr. Michael Nugent DDS