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Dr. Nugent is a regional leader in the surgical placement and cosmetic aspect of dental implants. This exciting tooth replacement technology is far superior to traditional dentures and bridges. Dental implants look, function and feel like nature intended. Dental implants consist of a titanium cylinder and then restored with a single crown, dental implant bridge or implant denture. Because implants are anchored in the jaw bone, they never slip out of place, and they don’t come out at night like old fashioned dentures.

Dr. Nugent inserts the dental implant into the jaw bone in a very easy outpatient surgery. Patients return to work immediately that day or go home and relax. For the next couple of months the implants and bone are fusing. Once the healing process is over Dr. Nugent can restore your new dental implant.

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The Dental Implant Procedure:

At your initial implant consultation, Dr. Nugent will use our Galileos Cone Beam (a 3D scanner) to evaluate that your bone structure and oral health are appropriate for implants. Dr. Nugent can use the 3D scan and “virtually” place the dental implants. This digital planning is a tremendous benefit to the patients because it allows Dr. Nugent to digitally perform you surgery before the real thing. Any concerns or surprises can be addresses BEFORE you actually surgery. A dental cone beam 3D scan offers invaluable information when it comes to the assessment and planning of dental implant surgery. Dr. Nugent’s ability to plan this way greatly reduces the risk of unforeseen complications and expenses.


After reviewing all of your implant options, Dr. Nugent will schedule an appointment to place the implants. The minimally invasive surgery involves the precision placement of small titanium cylinders into the jawbone. The procedure is painless and our patients are always surprised at how quickly and easily they recover. Dr. Nugent’s secret to an easy surgery is that after he digitally plans your dental implant he makes a surgical guide. This guide allows Dr. Nugent to place the dental implant exactly where he planned it. No guessing at the time of surgery.

Digital Implant Surgery

Surgical Guides for Dental Implants

Dental Implant Surgical Guide

Most patients do not even take any prescription pain medication after the surgery.

After the Surgery



Once the dental implant is placed, over the next couple of months the jawbone will naturally grow around and secure the implant.

Once the healing process is complete, Dr. Nugent will restore the dental implant. You will have a new tooth (teeth) that look, function and feel like natural teeth. You will once again have the ability to chew and smile again.

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